Web Cams

Photos are a great way to see how a place looks. Videos are even better because you see the scene up close as it changes. Here is a list of web cameras set up by various organizations.

Loup Loup Summit Cam

WSDOT SR 20 - Loup Loup Summit
Camera ID: 0205
Description: WSDOT US 97 - Loup Loup Summit
Source: WSDOT.gov

US 97 Border Camera 1

WSDOT US 97 Border View North
Camera ID: 0237 Latitude: 49.000123 Longitude: -119463866
Description: US 97 Border Travel Times and Traffic Cameras
Source: WSDOT.com

Loup Loup Mountain Top Chair

Loup Loup Mountain Cam - Top Chair
Camera ID: 0216
Description: Loup Loup Mountain Cam - Top Chair
Source: SkiTheLoup.com

1 Mile South Of Border

WSDOT - 1 Mile South Of Border (View North)
Camera ID: 0202 Altitude: 100
Source: WSDOT.gov

Loup Loup Mountain Cam Base

Loup Loup Mountain Cam Base Area
Camera ID: 0217
Description: Loup Loup Mountain Cam Base Area
Source: SkiTheLoup.com

Sitzmark Ski Hill

Sitzmark Ski Hill , WA
Camera ID: 0219
Description: Sitzmark Ski Hill , WA
Source: http://SkiSitzmark.org

Eden Valley Guest Ranch

900 Acre Ranch at 2,300 foot elevation in the Okanagan Highlands
Camera ID: 0201 Altitude: 2300 ft
Source: EdenValleyRanch.net

Nearby Webcams

Methow Valley Airport W

Methow Valley Airport West
Camera ID: 0153
Source: WSDOT.gov

Diablo Dam Webcam

Diablo Dam Webcam along the North Cascades Hwy - Diablo Lake
Camera ID: 0158
Source: www.Methow.us

Sherman Pass

WSDOT SR - 20 Sherman Pass
Camera ID: 0208
Description: WSDOT SR - 20 Sherman Pass
Source: WSDOT.gov

Methow Valley Airport S

Methow Valley Airport South
Camera ID: 0154
Source: WSDOT.gov

Sun Mountain Resort, Winthrop Washington

Sun Mountain Resort, Winthrop Washington
Camera ID: 0007 Altitude: 1,760 Latitude: 48.4784 Longitude: -120.1834
Description: Welcome to Wild West Winthrop Washington. Outdoor fun, horse, cowboys and all things western.
Source: SunMountainLodge.com

Curlew - Republic, WA

Curlew Lake Webcam Town of Republic, Washington
Camera ID: 1078 Altitude: 716m Latitude: 48.744085 Longitude: -118.666823
Description: Curlew Lake is a 921-acre lake located in the glacier-carved Curlew Valley northeast of Republic, Washington. The spring- and stream-fed lake is named for the long-billed curlew, Numinous Americanos, that once frequented the area.

Methow Valley Airport SE

Methow Valley Airport Southeast
Camera ID: 0155
Source: WSDOT.gov

Downtown Winthrop

Downtown Winthrop near the 4-Way Stop
Camera ID: 0151
Source: Methow.us

WSDOT Waterville

14 miles south of Chelan, looking SW
Camera ID: 0329 Altitude: 2620 ft
Source: WSDOT.gov
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